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Louise Whitham Artist

Established icons of popular visual culture are being gently subverted. Here the artist is dealing with middle age and is asking the question, ‘What are the effects of an increased life expectancy upon the artist and what is its impact on the art world and on our societies?’ Louise Whitham’s 'Lollipop Ladies' are a metaphor for an invigorated middle age and tap into the cauldron of emotions present. They embrace our ever changing and lengthening journey. These reassuring familiar servants are imbued with fear, vanity, serenity, humour, wisdom, freedom, defiance, sexiness and self-doubt.

Louise Whitham MA is a Hastings artist and owner of The Titanic Arts Club Gallery. She trained at University of the Arts London and is part of the The Bad Behaviour Artists Collective.


Jack Blackburn - ARTIST

Titanic Arts Club  Exhibition 26 May-1st June.

I’ve dabbled in many types of art in my life but settled on being  a no fucking around, stand in front of an easel, with a palette and a paintbrush,  painter of people. I even wear a smock and a beret!

 I did graffiti for a while I suppose that was public. I do remember I used to put up stuff in raves back in the early 90s. I would totally cover a railway arch with my work which at the time was these massive psychedelic paintings. During the day as we were setting up everyone would say “Wow they look great!” but then when night time came and the disco lights came on you couldn’t fucking see them at all because I wasn’t smart enough to use U.V. paint. It was hilarious

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Lulux Clapper

Lulux Clapper's painterly photographs capture the temporarily golden world and eerie disquiet at dusk on a sunlit snowy beach at St Leonards on Sea.  She creates surreal landscapes that question current and future modes of virtual art production. Her intention is to ultimately create atmospheric works that are specifically borne of a new mode of thinking about photography in the here and now of the 21st century.
Lulux Clapper MA is a local artist and  part of The Bad Behaviour Artists Collective. She is also Louise Whitham.


Laura Harris - ARTIST

Laura Harris's recent figurative oil paintings look at how women are portrayed in society. The artist is particularly interested in ideas surrounding sexuality and femininity. The insecurities, fears and hopes that they have for the future and achievements and regrets of the past. Each work relates to an incident or distorted reality of an actual event that the artist has either witnessed, or more often than not, actually experienced or imagined. In that sense the paintings are autobiographic.

I'm Up For Anything (partially pictured)

Using an image of a famous American actress as inspiration for this piece, the artist was drawn to her confident pose and low camera angle. The elongation of her legs and sexy dress, coupled with the text, encourages the viewer to wonder what exactly she is "Up For". The artist hopes to challenge the viewer's thoughts on female beauty, sexuality, and behaviour.




’Mark Selby has made use of the conventions of the American comic book to forge a powerful and highly personal visual language. He has created a strange and compelling imaginative world that brings with understated ironic humour’’

Patrick Baid

Art historian

Christies, London




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