Friday 27 July - Sunday  29 July

Screen Printing Weekend

Screen Printing for beginners

Print  design on fabric using the paper stencil and screen block out method.

8pm Workshop
Design for print basics
Create a test screen print
A little colour theory.

Saturday   Workshops Steps 1-7
Sunday Step 8.
Step 1
Go to the beach and collect natural forms or draw or trace your own idea.
Step 2
Cut out the stencil from newsprint paper. We can create a design by cutting from photocopies  For your stencil, you can also draw with block out fluid or crayons.
Step 3
Mix your binder and pigments to create your printing ink colours.
Step 4
Position printing paper under the frame. Then Lay your cutouts on this paper as desired Place your screen on top of your paper stencils and spread the printing ink along the side of the screen.
Step 5
 Print with ink and squeegee at  angle the squeegee at 45 degrees to the table. Press the squeegee  down and pull towards you. Make  sure someone is holding the screen down tight so it does not move
Step 6
Lift the screen after printing the stencil to reveal your print
Step 7
Clear the screen mesh  and remove the wet paper stencil and put it in the bin. Let it dry under the fan.
Step 8
Print with a second colour design using the same screen and technique as before This means the design builds up on top of the shapes you have printed. The work seen here has been made this way!


Friday 27 June - Sunday  29 June

Screen Printing Weekend

OUTCOMES: Colourful printed  beach inspired artwork.

£250 including B&B and all materials)

£170 for non lodgers.


5 Grand Parade Saint Leonards United Kingdom TN38 0DD